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“Audit Company FORPOST” LLC provides a full range of valuation services, such as business valuation, real property appraisal, assessment of securities, various types of risk assessment for IFRS purposes, and evaluation of equipment, intellectual property and investment projects.

Valuation is required in the following cases:

- Reorganization of joint stock companies;

- Purchase/sale, division of property;

- Revaluation of fixed assets;

- Assessment of the fair value of fixed assets and intangible assets for IFRS purposes;

- Identification and compensation of damages;

- Formation of bankruptcy assets in case of bankruptcy proceedings;

- Debt restructuring;

- Property insurance;

- Making a contribution to the authorized capital;

- Entering of property on the balance sheet, etc.

Using our services will enable you to:

- Optimize your company's financial flows;

- Determine the fair value of assets;

- Save equity funds and raise additional funds by attracting investments and receiving loans secured by property;

- Insure property;

- Privatize property and transfer it in trust management or lease;

- Resolve property disputes; and

- Issue or convert shares.

Independent valuation performed by the experts of our company will help you determine the fair value of your property and will be an important argument when considering all matters related to management procedures. Independent and professional valuation of the cost of various types of property is a reliable business tool and the basis for efficient company management. Cost valuation is a professional service that will help you to maintain or multiply financial assets.

The company has full-time appraisers who are members of leading self-regulated organizations.

Based on the results, our specialists will provide you with objective information on the cost of the evaluated item in the form of a written report. Such report is executed in accordance with Article 11 of the Federal Law No. 135-FZ On Valuation Activities in the Russian Federation dated July 29, 1998 and Federal Standards FSO No. 1, FSO No. 2 and FSO No. 3 approved by the Orders of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Nos. 254–256 dated July 20, 2007. The report is an official document and is recognized by courts and other governmental authorities.

In accordance with Russian laws on valuation activities, the liability of each specialist is insured. We guarantee a high-quality service and an individual approach to each project. The period of preparing the report and the cost of services will be calculated individually for each client. After we receive the relevant information from you, we will prepare and send you a commercial quote with the cost of the proposed services. We can also send you a specialist to specify the nature and parameters of the valuation you require. To get a general idea of the cost of our services, see the attached Table.

34, Narodnogo Opolcheniya St., bld. 1, Moscow 123423, Russia. Tel.: (495) 935-73-45, 935-73-46, e-mail:
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