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Agreed Procedures for IFRS Statements

“Audit Company FORPOST” LLC offers IFRS statements audit, review of financial statements, agreed procedures for IFRS statements, and restatement of RAS statements into IFRS statements.

Audit is the most in-depth investigation and generally includes the analysis of the internal control structure, random testing of source documents, stock and fixed asset inventory, and obtaining of written confirmations from third parties in respect of the data contained in the client's reports, etc. As a result, audit procedures also give the most precise representation of the accuracy of the company's financial statements.

Review of financial statements – A review basically involves analytical procedures. As a result of this kind of services, the auditor expresses a "negative" assurance of no facts that may be indicative of inaccurate statements.

Agreed proceduresfor IFRS statements – If the company has currently no need for a comprehensive audit of its financial statements, and is interested only in an individual item, “Audit Company FORPOST” LLC offers agreed procedures. Agreed procedures are a combination of special procedures agreed upon with the Company that enable the auditor to pay attention to what is of greatest interest to the client at the time. The results of such agreed procedures are presented in the form of a report.

Restatement of RAS statements into IFRS statements

Restatement is fully compliant with the universally accepted methodology.

Restatement of RAS statements into IFRS statements is a real opportunity for a company to create structured statements which are clear for internal investors in accordance with IFRS. Moreover, the company can ensure the transparency of its activities for all stakeholders (potential investors, international organizations, shareholders).

Financial statements are restated in accordance with international standards within the approved time limits based on the agreement setting out the time required for the service, the number of specialists involved in the project, the cost and the responsibility.

Upon completion of the Restatement of RAS Statements into IFRS Statements project, a report on its results will be drawn up, which will include:

  • A table with a detailed description of individual procedures for the restatement of RAS statements into IFRS statements;
  • Explanations on the procedure for filling in the adjustment tables to be used subsequently in the company's independent work;
  • Restated IFRS statements (all report forms and notes depending on the specifics of the company's activity).

We recommend a visit from one of representatives in order to allow you to specify the auditors' tasks and to allow us to draw up a cost proposal for our services.

If you need to know the approximate cost of the Restatement of RAS Statements into IFRS Statements service for you company, please fill in the attached Form. After we receive the completed Form from you, we will prepare and send you a commercial quote with the estimated cost of the proposed services.

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