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Consulting on all business and tax accounting issues, and legal issues relating to business support

When providing audit-related services, Audit Company FORPOST LLC offers consulting services on areas such as business regulation issues, including business and tax accounting and legal issues.

Upon agreement with the client, consulting may also be provided at the client's office.

As part of our consultancy services, our clients receive written and oral recommendations concerning the application of:

- Accounting rules;

- Laws on taxes and duties;

- Civil laws;

- Administrative law;

- Labor law; and

- Other branches of law which regulate business activities.

Consultations are divided into routine and urgent, depending on the response time. For routine requests, the standard response time is up to 60 hours. For urgent requests, the response time is agreed upon with the client and may be significantly reduced depending on the situation. A written request containing more than two interrelated issues is classified as a project. The response period for a project is 3 to 5 business days.

Consultations are provided on the basis of an agreement and the client's Request sent in the form provided by Audit Company FORPOST LLC.

When sending several requests, a client must specify the priority of each request; this will be used to organize the order for responses.

Consultations are provided by the leading specialists (auditors and lawyers) of our company who have many years of experience and a high professional level.

Issues may arise regarding a company's activities which require specific subject knowledge. In this case the auditor's and/or lawyer's knowledge only may not be sufficient to answer the question. Where necessary, other specialists (experts) may be assigned to the task.

No agreement, even one made in the best way, cannot guarantee the exclusion of risk. However, by signing poorly elaborated comprehensive agreements with contractors, a company multiplies its risks in terms of payment for the goods or services delivered, risks associated with the quality of goods or services acquired, and taxation risks when recording operations under the agreement, etc. In certain cases, all negative consequences of improperly made agreements may lead to unacceptable consequences for the business. Comprehensive accounting of legal requirements when making and fulfilling agreements may minimize the chance of disputes, including legal disputes, disputes with contractors or control authorities, and sanctions imposed by the government. Audit Company FORPOST LLC provides services in expert review and the execution of various business agreements, including foreign economic contracts.

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