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Accounting Services

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Audit Company FORPOST LLC offers the following accounting services:

- Complex accounting services;

- Payroll accounting;

- Preparation and submission of reports;

- Reconstruction of accounting.

In practice, business and tax accounting of companies is ensured by either:

- An internal Accounting Department;

- An external part-time accountant; or

- A specialized organization under an agreement for accounting services.

Which option is best?

The choice depends on a number of factors: specifics and volumes of business, number of source documents, their frequency (urgency), possibility of office accounting and office equipment (office appliances, software, Internet), etc.

The cost of accounting is also an important factor.

The cost of accounting services provided by an audit company is less than the cost of an internal full-time experienced accountant. Moreover, the accounting support provided by our company has the following essential advantages:

Quality accounting Our company has experienced specialists. Moreover, quality is ensured not only by the accountant immediately responsible for keeping your records, as the accountant can have the continuous support from auditors.

Quality control Ensured by ongoing internal monitoring of regular audits for no additional fee.

Comprehensive service We can provide not only accounting services, but also consultancy support of your business. We also have in-depth experience of solving various tasks and problems arising in the course of business.

Economy Done at the expense of the accountant's workplace, including office appliances, software, overhead expenses, also enabling you to save your time, money and efforts required for periodically searching for and selecting an accountant. Furthermore, if your internal accountant fails to maintain accounts for any reason or changes his or her employment, you will have to incur additional expenses to recruit an accountant, and most probably, to reconstruct your accounts. If you work with us, all of these issues will be our responsibility.

Stability You do not depend on your accountant's health, personal problems or changes in his or her plans or place of residence. An audit company always has professionals in place able to perform the functions of the employee responsible for the day-to-day servicing of your company.

Responsibility Our organization bears full material liability for the consequences of possible errors and this liability is insured.

Choice of a specific accounting option

Each company has its individual peculiarities. First, we jointly determine the best option for business and tax accounting for your company.

Then we will draw up an Accounting Schedule appended to the Agreement according to which we will provide accounting services. The Schedule will specify in detail the accounting technology and the obligations of the Parties. After the initial setup of Accounting, we start providing accounting services on a regular basis.

Service options:

Complex accounting services, which envisage the creation or systematization of source documents by our specialists, recognition of operations in accounts, creation of required documents and registers of business and tax accounting, and the preparation and submission of reports. Please fill in this Form and we will determine the cost of complex accounting services for your company.

Payroll accounting is one of the most labor-intensive and difficult areas of accounting, which also involves obligations for preparing and submitting report forms to tax authorities and insurance funds. Given this, companies often outsource this accounting area while doing most other accounting themselves. Please fill in this Form and we will determine the cost of payroll accounting for your company.

Preparation and submission of reports is the final stage of daily business and tax accounting. It involves preparation of statements in accordance with RAS.

Our clients do not need to know where the tax inspectorate, the statistics authority, the Pension Fund division, and the Social Insurance fund are located.

Audit Company FORPOST LLC guarantees you the timely and full submission of all business and tax accounting forms to the statistics authorities, the Federal Tax Service inspectorate, extra-budgetary funds, and other control authorities.

Save your Chief Accountant time and labor when submitting various report forms to control authorities as a result of the services provided by the specialists of Audit Company FORPOST LLC for preparing and submitting your company's reports. The cost of this service starts from 5,000 rubles and depends on the contents of the reports.

Reconstruction of accounting is required by companies with improper accounting.

The purpose of accounting reconstruction is to bring the accounts and documents into compliance with the applicable accounting law, and to obtain accurate information for past and current periods.

The procedure for the reconstruction of accounting makes it possible to reproduce synthetic and analytical accounting and tax registers and the company's statements for past periods based on the available source documents.

Our specialists reconstruct accounting based on the available source documents and databases (if any) provided by the clients.

The qualified specialists of Audit Company FORPOST LLC will bring your business and tax accounting in proper condition and provide recommendations on subsequent recording of your financial and economic activities.

Moreover, the client's business contracts will be subject to expert review by auditors and lawyers.

To determine the cost of accounting reconstruction services we need to make a preliminary expert review of the available documents and databases. The expert review is free of charge.

By relying on qualified specialists of Audit Company FORPOST LLC to maintain your accounts, you can always be certain of:

- Timely and full submission of all business and tax accounting forms to the statistics authorities, the Federal Tax Service inspectorate, extra-budgetary funds and other control authorities;

- Comprehensive accounting of tax benefits and latest legal acts for optimum taxation; and

- Accuracy of financial statements.

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