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Professional Ethics

About / Professional Ethics

The rules of professional conduct, including moral standards, are pressing issues for professions which require the expression of an expert's opinion in the field of his or her professional activities.

The ethical requirements that auditors are to abide by are established by the Code of Ethics of Russian Auditors (approved by the Audit Council on March 22, 2012, Minutes No. 4).

The basic principles of the auditor's ethics are:

- Honesty;

- Objectivity;

- Professional competence and due diligence;

- Confidentiality;

- Professional conduct.

All of these principles are important for and binding on auditors, as their application ensures due quality of their services and professional conduct.

Compliance with the principle of confidentiality is also aimed at protecting clients' interests and obliges the auditors:

- To ensure confidentiality of information obtained as a result of professional or business relations, and not to disclose such information to any third parties who are not duly and expressly empowered, unless the auditor has legal or professional right or obligation to disclose such information;

- Not to use confidential information received resulting from professional or business relations to gain or allow third parties to gain any benefits.

Auditors are obliged to maintain confidentiality outside their professional environment, keeping in mind the risk of unintentional disclosure of information to persons with whom they have close business relationships or to whom they are related by blood.

The internal control measures of “Audit Company FORPOST” LLC ensure strict adherence by our employees to professional ethics. When working with us you can be sure of our adherence to the principles of honesty, objectivity, professional competence and due diligence, confidentiality and professional conduct.

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