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Client Feedback

About / Client Feedback

V. Y. Zub, CEO of MPM Magnolia LLC:

"Since 1997, Audit Company FORPOST LLC (before 2005 Audit Company FORPOST CJSC) has been providing a range of audit services to the companies in our group. Such a longstanding cooperation with this audit company is attributed to the high quality of their services, which include both mandatory and voluntary audit and consulting. When selecting an external auditor, the reliability and responsibility of Audit Company FORPOST LLC, and the attentive attitude of the company's specialists towards its clients and their questions were also deciding factors for us.

We recommend Audit Company FORPOST LLC as a reliable and responsible business partner which provides audit services at a high professional level."

O. V. Koltsova, Head of National and International Accounting and Reporting Department, Nidan Juices Group:

"Audit Company FORPOST LLC has been the auditor of our group since 2009 and over this period it has shown nothing but excellence.

We would like to particularly mention the high professionalism of the company's specialists, which was a major reason why we chose this company as our auditor. We are one of the four major Russian producers of juice products, therefore in the course of our business we have to solve numerous complex tasks in various aspects of accounting and taxation. The consultants of Audit Company FORPOST LLC always give us prompt and effective assistance.

Nidan Group recommends Audit Company FORPOST LLC, its CEO and leading employees as competent, attentive and responsible auditors."

S. E. Filippov, CEO of Seven Tops LLC:

"We have been working with Audit Company FORPOST LLC for several years. We are a major Russian distributor of a group with global recognition, which obliges us to thoroughly ensure the stability of our work, including by optimizing our financial risks. The high professionalism and responsibility of the audit company's specialists have more than once allowed us to promptly identify and prevent risks.

Audit Company FORPOST LLC can be characterized as a highly professional, reliable and responsible audit company."

K. M. Anoshkin, Deputy Chief Financial Officer of Logistics Company Molcom CJSC:

"Our cooperation with Audit Company FORPOST LLC as an external auditor started in 2008. We value the company's comprehensive approach to accounting and taxation matters. This approach is carried out through the teamwork of qualified specialists and by using a quality control system for the services provided. The recommendations provided by the auditors on eliminating the defects in business and tax accounting are clear and concise, and their reasonableness and applicability have been repeatedly confirmed. We can characterize Audit Company FORPOST LLC as a reliable and responsible audit company with highly qualified specialists."

Peter Eichberger, CEO of PASMOS LLC:

"In this letter PASMOS LLC confirms that since 2007 Audit Company FORPOST LLC has been providing comprehensive accounting services to our company.

Financial statements and declarations have always been prepared in a competent and prompt manner. The specialists of the audit company maintain relations with tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds for our benefit. This relieves us of the necessity of spending time on maintaining relations with control authorities.

The specialists of the audit company also provide us with consultancy services, in particular in formalizing contractual and financial relations with contractors, including our parent company in Vienna (Austria).

We are grateful to the specialists of Audit Company FORPOST LLC for their attentive and patient attitude towards us and for their strict observance of our interests.

We can also note the highly reasonable cost of services provided to our company, which was not revised for a number of years.

We expect to further use the services of Audit Company FORPOST LLC and can recommend this company as a competent and reliable partner in business and tax accounting."

D. B. Pakhchanyan, Director of Aerosibservice LLC:

The specialists of Audit Company FORPOST LLC audited the financial statements of Aerosibservice LLC for 2011, compiling information and issuing an auditor's report.

We are satisfied with the high professional level of the audit company's specialists, who were very attentive to all the areas of our activities during the audit.

Our company is the Russian leader in air freight services. The organization of air freight services along with auxiliary motor freight services are a technically complex process in the course of which issues arise concerning legal aspects of our activities and the correct business and tax accounting of our operations.

We would like to note that the specialists of Audit Company FORPOST LLC furnished us with detailed and exhaustive recommendations on all matters we were concerned with.

The quality of services provided by Audit Company FORPOST LLC allows us to recommend this audit company as a professional and responsible auditor and consultant."

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